Believing that it is the responsibility of all of us to protect and preserve our environment, Soldiers Point Marina is proud and privileged to announce our adoption of Moby – a 5m young male whale shark (Rhincodon typus) from Cendrawasih Bay located in West Papua New Guinea, fast becoming known as the whale shark capital of the world.

The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea and listed as “vulnerable”, so to give scientists a better understanding of their behaviour and movements a recent tagging program in October/November 2015 was conducted to allow scientists better management of them.

Keep your boat and fishing gear clean to help stop the spread of marine pests

Keeping your boat & gear clean will save money on fuel, increase your boats performance and stop the spread of marine pests.

NSW’s marine life is under threat from introduced marine plants and animals. Marine pests can also have severe impacts on recreational boating and fishing and marine industries.

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Australia’s First Carbon Neutral Marina

In 2008 Soldiers Point Marina became the world’s first marina to become NoCO2 Certified as part of the Low Carbon Marina Initiative.

This is a national, voluntary certification program for marinas, yacht clubs, boat clubs, slipways and other associated industry operators across Australia.

The initiative was designed to support the marine industry’s endeavours in protecting our coastal and inland waterways with an action plan against global warming.

Energy Saving Tips

Whether you are plugged into the mains at a marina or running your engine to charge the boat battery at sea, your boat will be using energy. This costs you money and produces emissions, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), that effect the environment.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce this impact without having to change much at all, click here to find out how.

Our Environmental Policy

Clean business practices protect the environment

Soldiers Point Marina is committed to the creation and ongoing maintenance of a clean and safe work environment. We will be diligent in best practice management of our operations and our legislative requirements to protect our waters, marina life, fish, and waterfowl from possible boat and marina pollutants and impacts. We will continually assess and improve the management of our operations to limit our impacts on the surrounding environment.

Soldiers Point Marina is a Fish Friendly Marina and you agree to abide by the fish friendly requirements imposed on us. Under hull scraping is not allowed under any circumstances. Some environmentally friendly cleaning agents are permitted – if in doubt ask the marina management.

Dirty water harms the environment, spoils boating enjoyment & hurts marina business.

It is the responsibility of every Soldiers Point customer and EVERY employee to work together to keep our Marina and boating environment clean. It is the policy of Soldiers Point Marina to do everything possible to discourage anyone from polluting while encouraging and helping customers do the right thing. All Employees are part of our Marina team dedicated to cleaning up, eliminating contaminants before they enter the environment, clearing up anything which spoils our Soldiers Point environment.

Soldiers Point Marina sets objectives and targets in an attempt to achieve a better experience for our guests and environment. The environmental improvements change frequently therefore amendments to this policy will occur.

Pollution Control

Pollution is Everybody’s Business

Whether we like it or not, people pollute in everything we do and everywhere we go. Sometimes the amount of pollution is so small that it is never recognised; just a small drop in a big ocean. At other times those small drops can add up to a much larger volume which can harm the environment.

WARNING: Any Employee, Customer, or Outside Contractor Violating Soldiers Point Marina’s Pollution Control Regulations, can be Disciplined, asked to Pay For Cleanup, and/or have Marina Use Privileges Terminated.

Soldiers Point Marina is proud of our Environmental policy and wants to ensure the public and our guests are aware of it. This policy is reviewed annually and provided in guest services directory on arrival, it is also displayed in the main office and throughout the marina for the public to view.