Old is new again in hands of students

Port Stephens Examiner – Thursday March 19, 2020

Four cameras that would otherwise be sitting unused in a cupboard at Soldiers Point Marina have been given a new lease of life in the hands of Irrawang High School photography students. The Marina has donated two digital and two film cameras to the Raymond Terrace-based school, which photography teacher Grant Wyllie said was a “timely acquisition”.

“Film loaded cameras are becoming quite rare so having an extra two will certainly assist students who are producing projects using our dark room and film processing. The students will use these to explore units of work that relate to light and shadow, landscape photography and portrait photography.”

The donation of the cameras comes as part of the marina’s long standing support of the Real Futures Foundation, a charity dedicated to assisting Port Stephens youths transition from education to employment.

“We see potential for the young people of Port Stephens so we do what we can by supporting the efforts of the Real Futures Foundation to assist them with the transition from education to meaningful employment,” Darrell Barnett, marina general manager, said.

Mr Wyllie said he anticipates that access to the new equipment, coupled with the knowledge that they are supported in their endeavors by the community, will grow his students’ confidence. “It opens up a completely new realm of possibility for them and they start to see the world visually in a very different way.”

Get Snapping: Irrawang High School photography students – Shivohn Carroll and Jayme Bertram (back) with Rylee Busbridge and Ella Campbell.Share this post

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